Translately is an innovative web-based translation service that aims to speed up the delivery of accurate translation services. At Translately we’ve created a system that allows us to do accurate translations as quickly as possible. Our business is focused on finding the middle ground between the fast service of a machine translation and the guaranteed accuracy of translation experts. We believe that by focusing on streamlining the process and doing everything electronically we’ve achieved that balance. That’s why at Translately we like to say that even though we don’t use machines to translate, machines are our friends.

At Translately we see web-based communication as time and resource saving. Which means that not only will you get your accurate translation delivered quickly, you’ll also save money.

Plainly Easy

Anyone can upload a document to be translated with Translately. From a Word™ document to a PDF to a complex marketing design, just upload your file. It's professional document translation made easy.

Translation Guaranteed

Our translators are certified expert-level professionals. Translately's document translation services are guaranteed to be accepted for personal or professional business, including guaranteed acceptance by USCIS.

Lightning Speedy

Done before you thought possible. Translately can deliver an accurate document translation faster than you imagined. We're better than machines.

Our Process

Translately uses the follow process to guarantee an accurate translation of your project as quickly and securely as possible.

  1. You upload your document to a secure online portal that is protected by a username and password that you create.
  2. A project manager assigns your translation to a specialist who is an expert in the language pair you need (Spanish into Japanese anyone?) as well as your type of document.
  3. Your document is reviewed for accuracy by another specialist. You also have the opportunity to review the translation and give your own stamp of approval!
  4. You receive a high-resolution copy of your translation!

Who We Are

Translately is a subsidiary of Language Fish LLC, a proud member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Better Business Bureau.